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JM Venter Property Services

JM Venter Property Services CC was established in 2002. Our vision is to provide our clients with property management services, present advice, assistance on managerial, secretarial and accounting levels.JM Venter Property Services CC believes in continues study keeping us abreast with latest developments and practices in our field of expertise.Over the past years we were able to build a SOLID reputation and long term relationship with our clients.

A highly skilled professional team is supported by specialist technology systems and infrastructures to ensure the need of all property owners are constantly met. These technologies are ever changing and we aim to keep with the changes. We pride ourselves on the recognition on individual expression and the personal involvement of our management team in the day to day operations of the business is ever present.

Mission Statement

JM Venter Property Services CC's mission is to become a national entity by uniting all managerial activities, line workers, and the requirements of clients into an integrated unit, which will meet the market requirements and demands.

Vision Statement

The vision of JM Venter Property Services CC is to become a leading service provider in the administrating of cluster housing Complexes and Estates by:

  • Building long term relationships with our clients based on integrity with continuous delivery of service excellence unparalleled by others.
  • Based on solid foundations of commitment to exceptional customer service, our goal is to claim a significant market share in an expanding industry.

We proudly serve the property management market in Gauteng. Our integrity and honesty is evident in the transparent way we do business. With a highly motivated and qualified staff we lead the market with excellence. We will deliver on our promises and strive to exceed our client’s expectations.


We will make tangible differences in your business. THE MANAGEMENT OF JMVENTER Property Services CC IS COMITTED TO:

  • Implementing and maintaining formal systems and procedures to develop a culture of continuous improvement that will focus on the needs of clients and to provide an acceptable service;
  • Ensure that our management policies are communicated and understood by subordinates and;
  • Ensure the provisioning of adequate resources to employees.

Policy Statement

The aforementioned services are successfully offered and managed by an excellent team of players that have been trained and skilled within the industry. A highly experienced team of professional portfolio managers are supported by the experienced personnel and technologies at their disposal. JM Venter Property Services CC, pride ourselves on the recognition of individual expression and the personal involvement of our management team, in the day to day operations.

Our Lighthouse Story

The energy of the Lighthouse is symbolized by its location. It is erected at the highest point of land which is closest to the sea and its dangers. It lifts our spirits and inspires us. Its circular construction makes it resistant to the bitterest gales which time and nature can hurl at it.As the Circle is a Symbol of Divinity, the circular structure of the Lighthouse Symbolizes stable and reliable Guidance.

The Beacon is the Guiding Light, which shines in all directions and enables all who are adrift at sea to use it as a focal point in order to steer to the calm waters of the safe harbour which the Lighthouse oversees. JM Venter Property Services CC guides their client with truth, honesty and consistency with its steady light that never ceases.


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